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..Kristy..'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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bored [20 Jun 2004|12:16am]
hey guys im so bored there nothing to do grrness. I feel like shit and my life sucks w/e. Today i went to Juniper then i went to Lens house with Dee and then we watched peter pan and school of rock. Yea well that was basically my day aint my life exciting. well later <33 KRiS
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ewweeeee [12 Jun 2004|11:38pm]
Omg yesterday i got so drunk it was fun. omg i flashed Vitaly and he has my boob on camera lol...this isnt good..my friend Phil was like dude he has it on camera...im like fuckk make him delete it! lol. I met some kids at woodchuck yesterday.. fun fun i got a free 40 of coors woot woot. Then we lefted. Omg im so hyper cuz i had 3 expresso shot things from starbucks a biggie sized dr. pepper from wendys..A gatorade and a Red Bull..woot woot. Haha we met some kids who r Combo phobic. Lmao cuz Jess asked these gangsters if they wanted a combo cuz they were being loud so we asked them cuz were cool like that...and they flipped out on us.. i was like wow your gay then they told jess to get hit by a train so shes like maybe i will! and we were screaming omg im dead i was hit by a train lolz. Anywhoozlez im on the phone with Lauren so im gonna go laterzzz <333 KRiSTY WiSTY!
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ehh [07 Jun 2004|10:05pm]
Hey guys today was ok. ehh guy problems umm this kid told my guy friends i was his girlfriend and that we hooked up. Thats not true i never even kissed the guy. He sed that im a really good kisser to them..umm i never kissed the kid! lol. w/e. Then at Jess'house we got in a milk fight lmao. it was weirdly fun. well later gaterz <33 KRiSTY WiSTY!
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JOIN!! [26 May 2004|09:52pm]

Hey guys join rockin_girls, its a rating community and its mucho cool <33 KRiSTY WiSTY

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[24 May 2004|10:42pm]
You're Ellie!

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[21 May 2004|11:01pm]
[ mood | bored ]

i cut the whole day today with Hannah it was quite fun! We smoked weed at 10 am at woodchuck..grr i didnt get high...cuz it was only my 1st time. Andy gettin me some tomarrow..if i dont get high im not doin it anymore cuz theres no point to it then. We went back to my school to see people and walk down to austin with them. I hung out with Hannah..Vitaly..Thom..Nelson and Karlson by wendys then me vitaly hannah and nelsonm took the 23. Me and Hannah got off by Freddys to get some Smirinoff and Bacardi 03. Then we went to the zigzags and tried drinkin but idk wat was wrong with us we kept gagging and i wanted beer so badly! im so mad that i couldnt get wasted =(..no fun. Then me Hannah Kaitie Steff and Savario hung out we saw Greg and Steve too. Gregs my ex and hes fucking gorgeous! lol Hannah was like ohh babbyy haha. well im gonna go ttyl <33 KRiS

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woohoo! [20 May 2004|11:10pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

yay 2marrow is gonna be soo muh fun =D. Im gonna cut the whole day with Hannah ((My Drinking Buddy)). Were gonna hang out at my casa..drink..smoke.. have fun! lol. Lalala boredom. ohh yea my math teacher rocks..shes takin us on a trip. She sed most likely were goin to a yankee game woohoo i hope so! ackk sum Russian kid wants to hang out 2marrow..sigh idk hes kinda freaky..most Russians are..no offense to anyone who is..but the Russians in my school are Mafia wannabes..pretty funny. The funniest is when they try to rap..with their accent they sound sooo fucking gay haha its priceless. Well im going to vomonos later gaterz muchoo lovee <33 KRiS

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PIZZA MAKER! [19 May 2004|04:57pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Me and Jess are making pizzas. Mines bueatiful!!!!!! im going to be a pizza cooker dudette! its actually all deformed and i cheesy wit more cheese and i was beating it with a spoon ohh ohh im talented!! lol. Anywhoozlez today was ok. Rain woohoo! so yepp =D. I made Jess a LJ =D. www.livejournal.com/users/PUDDEN_HEAD . And i made her icon all by myself =D skillage. Well im gonna vomonos later gaterz <333 KRISTY WiSTY!!!

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JOiN [17 May 2004|11:22pm]
Join xhellomyperttyx  its a rating community and we need more people so join <33 KRiS
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BoreDeDeDeDeDeDeD [17 May 2004|12:30pm]
im home sick =(. i was bored..heres some pictures..mostly of me with my Yankee hat cuz i lovee the Yankees =D.

PiCtUrEsS <33Collapse )
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Grrrr [11 May 2004|05:59pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Im kinda pissed today cuz this kid..im not gonna mention any names because its just gonna start more Bullshit. But anyway i messed with this kid on and off..starting maybe February and then on and off til bout a week ago. Well he now decides to ignore me..which im not really that mad about.he spiked his hair and my friend asked him "oh did Kristy Spike it for you" becuase i spike sum of my guy friends hair sumtimes and he screams at her sayin "omg stop it with Kristy i dont like her like that!". Ok now that pisses me off because 1)he did used to like me cuz a few of my friends told me and he told me himself. 2)Hes tryin to act all cool in front of people by saying he doesnt 3)I dont even like him like that anymore..so he should stop fucking taking things to his head because i DONT like him! Grr it pisses me off cuz hes said it 2 a few people. Fucking asshole..we were really good friends til we started messing..it fucked everything up. And you know what i dont need people who are going to have mood swings. Then when we are at my friends house he kept hooking up with me then id back off and hes like whats wrong? im like i dont like you like that and he still pushed me into doing that. And then he tried to go further then i wanted to go with him and i wouldnt let him and he got all pissed at me. You know what fuck him i dont need someone whos going to fucking snap on me..and he needs to grow up..then maybe ill talk to him again.

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weird music?? [10 May 2004|09:04pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Hey well today was fun! I went to school cut 4th with Jess and Tara. Then i faugt Logan in the morning all because he stole my gum! haha it brought so much attention fun fun..damn gangsters! Then i cut 10th and 11th. Went to Dunkin Donuts with Tara and then back to the school and talked to Thiago. Then we went to Jess' house. Then we went down Myrtle and i got a denim jacket..Bikini..2 Skorts and a t-shirt. And tomarrow its going to be 80 sumthin degrees so i gona wear a skort =D yayy! lol im such a weirdo but its all gooddddd..no doubt homieee haha ok im going to stop that now. Well later gaterz <33 KRiSTY WiSTY!

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HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! [09 May 2004|10:48pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

There should be a kids day... The End!

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AFRICAN SHOES (LMAO JAKE ND TARA) [06 May 2004|10:53pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Hey hey!2day was icky..my report card sucked but wat can ya do?! Hmm lets c i went to all my classes 1nce agen =D. Im so proud of myself. Tara cut 7th and came to lunch with me. i sat at lunch with Tara..Tal and Leo ((who also cut)). Fun Fun! My phone was stolen by Frankie cuz Leo gave it to him..but i got to steal Frankies phone =D lol. Then at gym i found people who know how to play handball in my gym class..its about time. They kind of sucked compared to me..but at least they knew how to play! After school i walked down to austin with the normal crew. Then me and Sharon went to Wendys. Tara Thiago nd Polo were there already so we hung out with them. I met Sharons Friend Magda..shes ooberr cool! Then me Sharon and Magda went to sephora..played around with the make up. Then they walked me to Toutoring. Ick i missed the Cocoa house cuz of toutoring =(. Well wat can ya do. Well later gaterz <33 KRiS

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[05 May 2004|10:03pm]
Twelve things that annoy me:
2. Complainers
3. people who think their better then every1
4. assholes
5. Gangsterrrs.
6. Preps
7. people who lable me
8. people who push me to doin things i dont want to
9. normal people
10. poking
11. pointing
12. Krispy Kremes cuz its with a K!

Eleven people I like to be with:
1. Jess
2. Tara
3. Kelly
4. Dee
5. Sandra
6. Sharon
7. Jake
8. Cinque
9. Steve
11. All my friends!

Ten things I'm looking forward to:
1. Summer
2. Lat day of School
3. 21st Birthday
4. Friday =D
5. Gettin outta school
6. Yankee
7.Falling in Love
8. Passing math
9. meeting new people
10. Making money

Nine things worn daily
1. bra
2. Panties
3. jeans
4. shirt
5. socks
6. perfume
7. name plate
8. earrings
9. sneakers

Eight movies I'd watch over and over:
2. 10 things i hate about you
3.Legally Blonde
4.The Nighmare Before Christmas
5.Crossroads (lmao Jess nd Dee)
6. save the last dance
7. harry potter 1 and 2
8. Billy Madison

Seven favorite songs:
1. Lover i dont have to love - Bright Eyes
2. The Science of selling yourself short- Less than jake
3. I wanna be sedated-The Ramones
4. Hashpipe-Weezer
5. Hit That-Offspring
6. Basket case- Greenday
7. Away Away- Yellowcard

Six things I would do or buy with $1 Billion.
1. buy a convertiable possibly 2
2. buy a mansion in California cuz it rockss there
3. Go on lotza vacations!
4. buy clothes+sneakers
5. but jewlery!
6. donate money 2 those who need it =D

Five things I do everyday:
1. Eat
2. sleep
3. talk
4. be weird
5. go potty =D

Four TV shows I can't live without:
1. Family Guy
2. Will & Grace
3. Degrassi
4. Full house =D

Three places I'd like to go to for vacation:
1. Italy
2. Bahamas
3. Vegas (for the 4th time)

Two people who influence my life:
1. Polo
2. Nat

One person I could spend the rest of my life with:
1. *SiGH*
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blahhhhhh [05 May 2004|06:31pm]

Hey so yepp 2day i went 2 ALL of my classes goo me! im tryin 2 go at least a week without cutting nd so far it feels like 1 day is a whole week put into 1 day ahh!  Anywhoozlezz lets see..hmmm i had an english test today pretty damn easy..just extremly long eesh! i felt like i had a weight dropped on my head after the test. I went to Lunch after that and eww they found a roach in between the milk cartons..this is why you shouldnt eat from out caffeteria! Steve cut 7th so he was down in my lunch period. i just hung out with Irene..Steve..Kevin and Cinque. fun fun. Cinque makes fun of me because he says i walk like i have a dick up my ass lmao..of course.Then during Gym i got lectured again for cutting her class yesterday. She said i was giving her attitude on top of that i was like w/e. Then me Sandra and Sharon did our exploring in that abandoned room under our locker room. fun fun. sometime this week or next were gonna write our names in there with permanent markers woot woot! We making a plan of how to get in there because we dont have much time while we are in gym...so were probably gonna cut and have someone open the back door for us. If any one would like to join us u can cuz we want alotta ppl to come =D. After school i hung out with Tara Jake Cinque Vitaly and Andy in wendys on austin. Then in some deli the indian lady asked me if i knew jake cuz he was being hyper lolz haha. Then i left and took the bus home by mysef because tara had counseling and that is where i am off to now so Later Gaterz <33 KRiSTY WiSTY


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iCeeEE CrEaMMmmm!!! [04 May 2004|05:53pm]
ok so yea 2day..hmm umm nothin 2 exciting. Cut periods 4-8 nd went 2 Steves house. Wit Steve..Phil nd Tara. Steve nd phil gave me hickeys on my stomach hmm lol. We watched Bad Boys 2...pretty cool movie jz reallllyyyy extremmlyyy long 4 me. Then went 2 Ecology ((9th period)). Then Cut 10 nd 11 wit Roxie nd Tara. On the way home i walked wit Sandra Sharon Matt Jed Nelson Francis Tara nd Jake. Muchoo fun! Nelson goes 2 me Kristy can i slap ur ass 15 times? noo lol. i get abused in the ass nd i screamed it nd ppl looked at me funny..good times good times. Cept i really do get abused in the ass! Nd Friday i goin drinkin wit Hannah nd Vitale. Be4 that i think i goin 2 the mall wit tara. well gonner goo later gaterzzz <3333 KRiSTY WiSTY!
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SuRREeee BOB [03 May 2004|09:48pm]
ummm yes i got another 1 of these things Jake made it 4 me..he rocks!! lol. umm i got no idea wat i doin but anywhoozlezzz lets see 2day..kinda sucked air! My madre hadda meet up with the guidance counsler lady she sucks! my day lets they went over my excessive cutting haha airrr heads! Then durin Gym me Sandra nd Sharon snuck into the room below the gym which is like banned or sumthin. Awesome they got a guitar nd cool paintings nd stuff from the 70's nd 80's nd the Ramones wrote theyre names sumwhere down there when they used 2 go 2 my skool. So me Sharon nd Sandra r goin explorin 2marrow woot woot! well laterrr gaterzzz... Ur 1 nd Only...KRiSTY WiSTY <333333
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